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~ Guest Speaker ~


First Lieutenant Patrick Cleburne McClary, III, USMC, Retired, known to thousands as “Clebe McClary,” is an American hero. During the Vietnam War, while some of his contemporaries were staging anti-war protests and desecrating the American flag, the Lowcountry native was serving as a platoon leader in the First Reconnaissance Battalion. On the battalion’s 19th patrol, the unit was attacked by the Viet Cong. Lieutenant McClary was seriously wounded, losing his left arm and left eye, yet he continued to lead his men. The numerous surgeries and long recovery period that followed could have taken a bitter toll, but he faced his rehabilitation with characteristic determination. In the years since, Lieutenant McClary has become a symbol of courage and hope to the many audiences around the world with whom he has shared his story.

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Demo Roping / Testimony

Making Dreams Come True

"Last year's Real Men's Event was our first year of hopefully many! My two boys (11 and 13) and I had more fun than daylight would allow. the "good ole' days" we will speak of, is experienced for the day and night before, if you choose to tent camp, and the material things of today never a request of the young man!! I couldn't keep up with my boys most of the day, but truly enjoyed watching them have the time of their life chasing greasy pigs, archer competitions, skeet shooting and just wandering around God's country. We cant wait for out next trip to Skeeter Ranch"

-Andy Scrogins

Father & Son Day               Like No Other

"I was blessed enough to get to experience Real Men's with my 8 year old son. Together  we got to see some of the most beautiful property God created. Everything  from the fellowship to the bbq, the fun and games to the message the was sent out was amazing. Friendships were made and a lot of firsts  were experienced."

-Daniel Dowdy

Life Changing

"I first attended the Real Men’s Event based on the recommendation of a man I met during a brief encounter. I took my son and father-in-law to Skeeter Ranch and camped out in a field Friday night not really knowing what to expect. The day of the event, two memorable things happened: first, my son and I got to spend the whole day together playing and serving without the world’s distractions and most importantly, God spoke to my father-in-law through the event speaker Johnny Hunt in such a clear and simple way that he gave his life to Christ. Ever since that day, I have worked to preserve this event as a safe and comfortable place for men to encounter their creator, maybe un-expectantly. Don’t miss out."

-Philip Dixon